Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Psycho-Pass is a cyberpunk mystery thriller co-directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro, produced by Production I.G. and written by Gen Urobuchi, had 22 episodes. It is available on Amazon Prime and other anime streaming sites.

The story is set in futuristic Japan where she’s governed by a highly computerized authority known as Sybil System and aspires to make Japan a crime-free society. Investigations here are conducted with Investigators and Enforces (who are latent criminals) as inspector Akane Tsunemori’s unit solves more cases, it becomes clear all of them have one sinister connection.

What should I say... this anime is a timeless classic and unfortunately criminally overlooked. It has everything: great storyline, dynamic characterization, the animation in terms of character designs, background and action sequences were heavily detailed making it pleasurable experience for the eyes. Yugo Kanno’s composition is the soul of the show, he creates an environment of thrill, tension and terror even he did well capturing the essence of the emotional scenes.

The one special thing I adore is the world-building, Sybil Society is complex but Urobuchi explains it simply. As the story progresses it becomes very philosophical, through Makishima & Kogami it challenges various ideas and notions related to freedom of will and choice ascending the theme to intellectual heights.

Speaking of characters, the leads Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori are well written and multi-layered. Kogami steals the whole show, on the surface he might seem stylized-suited martial artist thug but it comes to drawing inferences his intelligence will blow your mind.

Shogo Makishima is a threat-menacing antagonist; his demeanour will impress and shock you at the same time he forces the characters to make consequential decisions. Most importantly we also get his side of the story on why he is hell-bent on destroying Sybil System.

Transformation of Akane from a newbie to pro was interesting to watch, seeing her getting grilled psychologically in multiple instances for being firm on going by the book attitude makes her character development powerful. Rest of supporting cast Nubuchika Ginoza, Tomomi Masaoka, Yayoi Kunizuka, Shusei Kagari and Shion Karanomori were good; could have been better if the show focused more on their backstories as it did with Kunizuka’s.

The anime’s execution is too strong. It has jaw-dropping action spectacles with memorable characters, a suspenseful plot with lots of twists and turns. I feel this roller-coaster ride is the perfect dose for quarantine time.

Rating: 4/5

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