The Rudest Book Ever: Book Review

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The Rudest Booker Ever is written by YouTuber cum professional problem solver Shwetabh Gangwar is 213 pages long and it is published by Westland Publications. This book is all about the author giving pragmatic perspectives on the problems faced by youngsters such as failures, rejections, craving for validation, loneliness, depression, etc and also advises on having a code or constitution which you can use it for dealing with these issues to protect your ‘self’ and being more productive.

First things first, the writing style is an absolute win! I kept turning pages, flying from topic to topic, chapter to chapter it is like having a conversation with a best friend but please beware of the fact that Shwetabh bhai is not there to sympathize and console you, he uses colourful language while resolving the problems by keeping you in the centre.

Ideas which are presented in the book are very well thought off and applicable. The author keenly focuses on the concept of ‘self’ (i.e. the entity resides in the mind) and the suppression of it by external factors and the ways to tackle them with help of ‘Real Data’ along with some ‘notions’. All of these are well described in the book. Also, the topics he chose were interesting not only you will be invested while reading, but also will give it a thought afterwards.

I think this book is impactful and important for the cultivation for the reader’s mind highly recommended to everybody, even if you don’t read books make this your first one and build a habit of reading.

Rating: 4/5

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